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Monday 7 February 2011

[Thought] Why I Hate Facebook

Now, user of Facebook over million people join this biggest social network, its very fast along with Internet furtherance. Indonesian dominated Facebook users because this site grow in feature facebook itself like find new friend or old friend.

Beside of that facebook now still growing rapidly in Indonesia because one application that make Indonesian addicted to play this application, you know that name Application is Poker.

This damn application now most played in Indonesia on Facebook, they spend their time for play during the hours for get "chip"/money virtual from virtual table too. On my opinion this is one stupidity, Indonesian Internet users usually for using Internet center/warnet for playing this application. And many of them, don't using Facebook properly, they just sit in front of computer to put money on Poker table. So this is one of my reason hate Facebook, they provide gambling activity on Internet.

But, i don't blame Facebook completely, but i blame lying with user for disabuse of Facebook, so the better ways t solve this problem just forbid Poker and other gambling application on Facebook to bringing back Facebook to pure Social Networking not Gambler Networking.

P.s: Gambling in Indonesia country is something forbidden by government and religion.