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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

[Nostalgia] Doraemon; How It Should Be Ended

If you ever think that your desk drawer would appear a robotic blue bald cat that have a lot of magical tools, you must be got influenced  by Doraemon cartoon. Every kids that ever watches tv and read Doraemon comic ever wondered what if they were as Nobita; a stupid boy that never satified to ask Doraemon tools. 

Doreamon was a great cartoon in 90s kid childhood, the reasons why did the kids love this robot because his various magical tools that we may found today in technology  developments.  The other reasons why did this robot took more attention because his characteristics just like a human; he could be good and nasty robot, and moreover he is fussy and care with Nobita acts plus he is afraid of the mouses. 

Fanfiction ending

I read a lot of comic Doraemon in the bookstore, due the creator was died, the story development of Doraemon series still continued. There are many differences i found between the original series with the new successors. I prefer the old one because it keeps kid views about Doraemon; a great robot that live stupid boy that could be one of us. 

There are many fan-fiction stories about how Doraemon should be ended. Scary, melting, and even ending can we find on the internet, but one thing about Doraemon ending that i want to say. Its never end, because it contains kid dreams, and kid dreams aren't never end.

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